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Online Bingo 123

Online Bingo 123

Those of you who are looking for a site to play at will be interested to find out about Online Bingo 123, one of the great choices out there which will absolutely allow you to have a great time while playing bingo. You will find that you can try out the game for free as soon as you sign up, as there is an excellent bonus of $25 for free when you first sign up here without having to make any kind of deposit at all.

One of the really big draws to pull you in to Online Bingo 123, however, is their welcome bonus for when you do make that first deposit: you will get a match percentage bonus of a staggering one thousand five hundred per cent, which is one of the biggest promotions that you will find at any bingo site based anywhere across the world. If you want to look elsewhere for comparison, then allow us to take a look at Bingo Cheers, which is one of the most popular online bingo sites out there and is particularly big in the UK. Here, they do not have to work hard to pull in new players, as they are very well known and already have the platform of the national newspaper in the UK to get their name out there, so by contrast their welcome bonus offer is quite different. In this instance, when you deposit £10, you can expect to have £30 to play with, which means that the bonus is just 200%. They follow this up with a 50% reload bonus, but you can see that the Bingo Cheers offer is much smaller than that which you could get at Online Bingo 123. It is important to think about this kind of factor when you are choosing where to play, as some online bingo sites will always be more generous than others, for various reasons.

It really is the kind of thing that you cannot miss out on, and it works like this: you get a six hundred per cent bonus on your first deposit, which will give you six times the amount that you put down; you get a five hundred per cent bonus on your second deposit; and when you make it to that third deposit, you get a four hundred per cent bonus, so that you can be absolutely sure that you are going to have a fantastic time when you play at this site! There is so much to choose from in terms of the offers and events that they have happening every single day, so you will not have to even dream of getting bored or not having something new to try: there are mega raffles which might have up to $25,000 worth of prizes every now and then, special events centred around days on the calendar that everyone celebrates such as April Fool’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and so forth, and fun events like bingo marathons which run all day long and give you the chance to enjoy a tournament situation while you are playing the game. They have a wide variety of bingo rooms on offer for you to try out as well, so make sure that you have a look at the schedule to see what is coming up and what you could enter when you join up.

The first room that you are likely to join at Online Bingo 123 is the 123 Newbie Room, which is just for new players and will give you the opportunity to try their games for free as you start off without any need to use your own cash or even the cash provided from your free bingo bonuses. You will be able to win small amounts of cash here too if you get the bingo, and it is all about getting to know how the games work and finding your way around for the first time to make sure that you are comfortable with the way that everything works on the site. Then there is the 123 Free Bingo room, which is sure to be one of your favourites for the duration of your time at the site as you get involved with the games without having to dig in to your bankroll to do so! Then of course there are the more classic rooms: 90 Ball Bingo holds exactly what it says on the tin, and you can find Quarter Bingo, Nickel Bingo, and Dime Bingo so that you can pick the ticket price that suits you the best – with each of these respectively giving $2,500 special games, $100 guaranteed prizes, and the cheapest possible entry to the games so that you can make your deposits last longer. You will also find million dollar bingo games which will really raise the excitement, as well as a Tourney Room where you can engage in games with high value prizes in order to advance up the leader board and attempt to take the grand prize by beating everyone else to the top. With so much variety on offer, you can be sure that you will easily find something to suit you amongst the games which you find here on a daily basis.

There are plenty of reasons why the Online Bingo 123 site is a good choice for any player, and they helpfully list some of these reasons on their home page so that you can see exactly why you ought to consider them as your choice for your games. They make it easy for you to make withdrawals when you get a win; you do not have to download anything in order to play the games, which is especially fantastic for Mac users; there are fun chat rooms attached to all of the games; their customer support team are available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week; there are big guaranteed jackpots; they have multi game rooms for your convenience; the site has been independently verified as secure; tournaments are available for you to take part in; they have their own unique game software that you will not be able to find anywhere else; their special newbie room where you can get orientated with the site for free; and their loyalty rewards program complete with gifts for frequent players, which you will certainly be interested in finding out more about while you play there.

There is a lot to be said about Online Bingo 123, and normally they allow their statistics and their players to do the talking for them. There is a list of winners which you can view which shows you who has made some big wins lately in order to get you excited for the games that you will find on the site, and there are also player testimonials so that you can see what people who really play there actually think about the site and how much they enjoy the games that are on offer – even those players without wins yet!

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